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The very first thing we noticed about Keto Burn 1250’s website is how similar it is to that of Approved Science Keto. Indeed, many paragraphs are directly copy and pasted! This leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth, for however effective their formula may be (we’ll expound on that below), we despise shady business practices that would allow such behavior.

So why is this product on our list? We decided it’s important to include a supplement that includes goBHB in its formula. Much has been written about goBHB and while we have researched many quality formulas which do not include it, in order for consumers to review all their options fairly and fully educated, we are featuring it here. 

Is Keto Burn 1250 Effective?

Keto Burn 1250 contains 1250mg of goBHB, and nothing more. The pros of goBHB is that it is a patented mix of BHB ketones, so it is based on clinical studies. Surprisingly, the clinical study which is mentioned on the website has nothing to do with goBHB and is instead about how ketosis affects appetite. This omission of any actual proven studies is curious. 

Also, while Keto Burn 1250 claims that only keto products containing goBHB promote weight loss, there is no proof of that in the clinical studies or the actual patent of goBHB. Basically, we were expecting to be blown away by goBHB, but there is nothing which convinced us that it’s better than any other BHB ketone.

Another aspect we noted is the dosage of BHB ketones found in goBHB which is much less than what we usually look for to boost ketosis. 

Additionally, goBHB is marketed as a ‘ketone body’ with no mention of its composition. In fact, we scoured Keto Burn 1250’s website – which is one page – and found no image of the product label! As reviewers of hundreds of keto products, it is extremely rare and suspicious to us when manufacturers omit label information.

Eventually, we were able to track down their label on a third party website and found that only 3 of the 4 BHB derived salts are included in this formula. The one salt which is left out is potassium. Because potassium is essential for preventing keto flu as well as for balancing other electrolytes, including magnesium and sodium, we were disappointed about this.  

Moreover, we noticed a lack of MCT Oil or something similar. Studies have shown that MCT Oil helps to bolster energy levels as well as suppress hunger. Again, it’s surprising that Keto Burn 1250’s formula has left this out. 

Furthermore, there are no agents included to stimulate maximum absorption of the BHB ketones, such as BioPerine®. In order for any supplement to work, they must be absorbed properly in the body, so the exclusion of this type of ingredient makes us wonder how effective Keto Burn 1250 really is. 

A good way to judge the effectiveness of a product is to see what people think about it after they have used it. So, we went looking to see what consumers had to say, and it seems that most reviews were positive, with users experiencing good results. However, there were a few reviews that stated that for some consumers, there was little to no benefit at all. This may or may not be due to the lack of ingredients in its formula.

The actual price of one bottle is pretty much on par with other similar products, but when you compare its ingredient list with other products, and it contains fewer ingredients than its peers, then the price doesn’t seem so attractive after all. Consumers need to know they are getting value for money, as well as, a quality product, a few more key ingredients in their formula would not go amiss.

Bottom Line: Even though Keto Burn 1250 contains one good ingredient, it could be better. It is well known that health supplements can work differently for each individual, due to each body’s unique metabolism and makeup. To deliver optimal results, supplement manufacturers should make their formulas in the most effective way possible, leaving nothing to chance. 

Is Keto Burn 1250 Safe?

We did not find any ingredients in this product that would cause it to be unsafe, such as un-certified stimulant ingredients or questionable herbs. In general, Keto Burn 1250 is deemed to be a safe herbal supplement if taken according to the proper recommendations. There are no reported side effects and it can be taken with most medications.


Keto Burn 1250 started off as a promising product by including goBHB, which is a patented ingredient to boost ketosis. However, the dosage is lower than we would have liked and there is a significant lack of  supporting ingredients, such as MCT Oil for hunger suppression, electrolytes to prevent keto flu and an ingredient to increase absorption. While there are some positive customer reviews, the negative reviews we found made us think that its formula needs tweaking to improve and enhance its efficacy.

From sentences which are copied verbatim to identical pricing plans, we deeply question the morality of a company which can brazenly steal content from a competitor. If you can trust a company who will stand behind such practices, then, by all means, give them your hard earned money! Otherwise, this might be one to pass over. 


Sally Harper, Senior Editor

Sally graduated with her BSc in Nutrition as well as her MSc in Obesity Science and Management. She worked for over 10 years in the commercial sector treating obesity and is an advocate for a ketogenic lifestyle and the benefits it provides. As senior editor, Sally is responsible for all the content published on this website. From delegating writing assignments to proofreading reviews and articles, there is nothing that escapes her notice or her razor-sharp grammar skills. She is passionate about bringing health concepts and truth to the public and helping to dispel common myths that stop people from functioning at their optimal health levels. A self-proclaimed foodie, Sally’s kitchen is always churning out low carb feasts for herself and her partner of 3 years. When she wants to get her heart rate up, she goes for long runs in the hills with her dogs, Max and MCT.

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