The market is littered with various diets and exercises that claim to help you lose weight. You may have even tried some. Besides the normal routes of eating only salad or exhausting yourself on the treadmill, what are the other methods of weight loss?

We live in a modern age where people are constantly searching for a get-rich-quick scheme or audio cd’s to avoid having to read. With all these shortcuts being introduced, is it possible to fast-track your weight loss? Maybe there is. The possible solution is called a juice diet.

What Is A Juice Diet?

If you love eating fruits and vegetables, then, this is perfect for you. A juice diet incorporates fruits and vegetables into your routine. People who do not like fruits or vegetables will enjoy this diet as they will not be able to resist the taste of the fruit juice. Although you may opt for a juice diet, do not forget to still consume fruits and vegetables daily. Health experts have advised that you should consume two whole fruits and three to four vegetables daily.

Once you go on a juice diet, you immediately extract the fiber that is inherent in fruits and vegetables as the juice machine is able to remove the pulp, which contains fiber.

What Is In The Juice?

Juices contain calories. The amount of calories in a juice depends on the fruits and vegetables that you mix. A ketogenic diet does not consist of feeding your body with calories. When you use about 4 fruits, the calories are exponential. If you rather opt for vegetables, the calories are significantly less.

What About Weight Loss?

When you are on a juice diet, your body does not get sufficient levels of fiber or protein. Many people who are on the juice diet are under the impression that this diet will help them to lose significant weight quickly. Although this is true in certain cases, you are much more tempted to consume carbs while on the juice diet as your body is deficient in fiber and protein. When your body has insufficient levels of protein, it may lead to losing a lot of muscle mass.

The Case For A Juice Diet For Ketosis

  • Fruit is not able to increase your blood sugar because the fiber, which slows down the absorption of sugar, is situated in the skin. When you are on a juice diet, the fiber gets removed, hence, only the sugar remains.
  • You should also keep in mind that fruit is made of fructose, which is a sugar that the liver processes.
  • If you consume sugar while on a ketogenic diet, your body will revert to burning either sugar or glycogen.
  • A ketogenic diet requires that you maintain very low levels of carbohydrates while a fruit juice is filled with carbohydrates.

As we have stated above, you cannot be entering ketosis if you are on a juice diet. The fruit juice contains sugar, calories, and carbohydrates. If you consume sugar, the body will revert to burning it or glycogen, therefore, you are no longer in ketosis.

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