What is Keto Function Ignite Keto BHB?

Ignite Keto BHB is a powdered supplement that can be combined with different liquids such as water, nut milk or coffee and which contain a blend of ketones designed to boost you into ketosis. Customers enjoy the variety of three flavors: Caffe Mocha, Citrus Splash and Wild Berry. This is the main factor of how it earned itself a spot in our list. However, we are troubled with the overall idea of sweetened shakes on a ketogenic diet.

The concept of consuming ketones to boost ketosis is based on science, but adding them to an expensive shake is a marketing gimmick. While this keto powder is carb free, it is not calorie free. You can actually consume 90 calories per day from these shakes alone which means you are replacing clean keto eating with empty calories.

Additionally, even though these drinks are sweetened with Stevia, having at least one shake per day keeps your sweet tooth active, instead of training yourself not to need excess sweetness. This is the drawback of drinking a keto supplement as opposed to taking a keto pill, like our top choice Approved Science Keto.


  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate – 3 out of 4 BHB salts.
  • Caffeine –  In Caffe Mocha and Wild Berry.
  • Stevia Leaf Extract
  • Natural Flavors:
    • Citric Acid – In Citrus Splash and Wild Berry.
    • Organic Coffee Powder – In Caffe Mocha.
    • Beet Root Powder – In Wild Berry.

The BHB salts contained in this formula include three out of the four most common sources – magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Most keto supplements don’t include all four, which is why our top product pick stands out because it also includes potassium.

Additionally, the amount of BHB contained in their proprietary blend of ketones is 12,000mg per serving. This is about half the amount which is contained in the first keto supplement we listed.

Many customers report that the Caffe Mocha flavor has a bitter taste, but others say that they like the strong, caffeinated taste.

We did note the absence of MCT oil which is found in our top 2 products. MCT oil is usually included in keto supplements to boost ketosis and suppress hunger.


The typical dose of this keto supplement is one scoop of powder, mixed into at least 10 ounces of water.  You can drink this at any time of day, whether between meals or on an empty stomach, especially when you need an added physical or mental boost.  When first beginning this keto diet supplement, only half a scoop should be used until you know how it will affect your body. Do not exceed taking more than three level scoops of powder during a 24 hour period.


Each container only comes with 16 scoops of keto powder.  The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of this supplement is $59.00 but is currently on sale for $49.99.  At over $3 per serving, this keto supplement is much more expensive than most of its competitors. There are also no available discounts or deals for bulk purchases or otherwise, which means there is no way to lower this price.

Possible Side Effects

Only adults over the age of 18 should use this keto supplement.  Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid this completely.  Also, anyone with a pre-existing medical condition should consult with their healthcare physician before starting this supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We are pleased to note that there is a 100% money-back guarantee. Should you wish the manufacturer to refund your purchase, there is a form on the website you may submit.

There are no further instructions, though, so it is unclear how long the customer has to request a refund or if unopened canisters must be returned in order to receive the full refund. This is not answered in the FAQs on the product website and there is no customer service phone number available for further questions.

Ignite Keto Reviews – The Bottom Line

While the exogenous ketones included in Ignite Keto are potent, they are lacking in both quality and quantity when compared with the first keto supplement on our list. This means that to get the same amount of BHB ketones, you would have to take 2 scoops per day of Ignite Keto. That means 60 calories and $6 each day in order to get the recommended amount of ketones as found in the first keto pills listed here. When compared to that, Ignite Keto is not cost-effective.

Also, you may not be able to get a refund should you wish to return this product. It may not be a problem, but it’s something to investigate further before you buy.

Ultimately, it is your hard earned cash in your pocket and your keto supplement choice. Just be honest with yourself and realize exactly what it is you are purchasing.  If you love coffee smoothies, you may want to save your money by going to a coffee shop and bring keto pills with you.

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