Ketosis is a metabolic process, whereby, your body performs it to keep functioning. When the body has insufficient levels of carbohydrates to burn for energy from the food you have consumed, it will burn fat in place of carbohydrates. The body will produce ketones as part of this process.

During a balanced diet, your body is able to control the amount of fat it burns, therefore, ketones are not used. As soon as you drastically reduce your carb consumption, your body will transition to ketosis as it needs energy. This process can occur during prolonged exercise sessions and pregnancy. Individuals who are experiencing uncontrollable diabetes and ketosis, simultaneously, it is a good indication that they are not using sufficient levels of insulin.

People will experience adverse effects of ketosis when ketones build up. As a result of excessive ketones, dehydration will occur and the chemical balance of the blood will change. Although there are inherent risks of getting into ketosis, it has benefits, as well. If you are considering getting into ketosis, what is the best way? We have compiled a list just for you.

Reduce Carbs

If you are one of the individuals considering getting into ketosis, you will need to maintain a carb limit of 30 grams as this is the norm for most people on the diet. By limiting the carbs to 30 grams, you hinder the body from using carbs for energy and reversing the ketosis process.

Monitor Protein Consumption

The body requires adequate levels of protein to sustain the body functions, but excessive amounts can prohibit you from getting into ketosis. When you eat a lot of protein, the body converts it to glucose, thereby, blocking you from getting into ketosis.


People who fast, usually, are incorporating a ketogenic diet naturally. By not consuming food for protracted periods, you expedite the process of getting into ketosis. Another option that you may consider is fat fasting. With this method, you enter ketosis but are able to consume food that is nourishing.


Glucose that is stored in the body needs to be depleted in order for the body to use fats and enter ketosis. Exercise is a great method for achieving this. During training, you should make your exercise more intense, which will enable you to get into ketosis.

Exogenous Ketones

This form of ketones is regarded as a supplement. The body does not produce it naturally. When you consume exogenous ketones, you are preparing your body for a ketogenic diet. Although you are using the supplement, you will still have to reduce the carb intake as you will not enter the ketogenic diet by merely consuming the supplements.

Eat More Fats

When you reduce the carb intake, you have to increase your fat consumption for the body to use as energy. Although you have been advised to increase fat consumption, it is important that it is healthy fats from the following foods:

  • Fatty nuts and nut butter.
  • Avocados and olives.
  • Fatty egg yolks and meats.

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