Ketosis is the body’s natural state when it is mostly fueled by fat. Ketosis usually happens during periods when an individual is on a keto diet or fasting. While you will definitely see benefits from ketosis such as weight loss, you may also experience side effects such as type 1 diabetes.

Ketones are produced when you consume very low levels of carbohydrates, as well as average levels of protein. Ketones form in the liver as a result of fat. The body and the brain consume the ketones for fuel. The brain is an organ that consumes a tremendous amount of energy on a daily basis and it cannot function only on fat, it needs ketones.

Symptoms of Ketosis

Appetite Loss

When you stop eating carbs, you tend to get less hungry than usual. Without carbs in your diet, you eat only the foods that are necessary for nutrition. After your carb diet, the body is able to regulate the hormones that spur trigger your brain cells, which let you know that it is time to eat.

Focus and Energy Increase

During ketosis, the body is able to produce ketones, which means that you have a plethora of fuel that is supplied to the brain. As a result, you are able to focus on tasks for a longer period than usual, and you have more energy.

Bowel Movements

Ketosis has a significant impact on your bowel movements. The consequences vary from one individual to the other, but the results can be one of the following:

  • Diarrhea – the body needs time to get used to the additional fat absorption.
  • Constipation – certain people will not need to use the bathroom for several days. To avoid such a scenario, consume more magnesium and fiber than you normally would.

Bad Breath

When you are in ketosis, you will experience something called halitosis. Your mouth has an extremely pungent smell as the body has produced more acetone that exits your body, usually the mouth but also through urine.

More Ketones

While in ketosis, your body is producing more ketones than regularly. You can check your ketone levels by using a glucose meter or test strips.

Weight Loss

The most obvious sign that you are in ketosis is weight loss. Many people are under the impression that they will lose tremendous weight while in ketosis, and this is usually the case. Once people get into ketosis, they will see a drastic change in the body weight fairly quickly. One of the main reasons for this imminence is that your body is able to release the water that was trapped by the fat.

Slight Fatigue

As soon as you remove carbs from your diet, you will experience a reduction in your performance as a result of fatigue. When you switch from a carb diet to ketosis, your body has to complete a transition. During this period, the body is in need of glucose and it does not have it. Also during this period, your body releases a tremendous amount of electrolytes through urine, which the body does not usually replace.

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