What is Ketocredible Keto Boost?

Earning itself a spot in our top 10, Ketocredible Keto Boost helps you stay in ketosis, even when eating a fully ketogenic diet may not be an option.  By helping your body with the initial conversion to ketosis as well as daily maintenance, this supplement will help you stay alert, focused, and energized. With a ketogenic diet, it can sometimes be difficult to get all of the vitamins and minerals you need, so this formula adds in those essential nutrients that you may be lacking.  Additionally, with a BioAvailability booster, this supplement has everything it needs to earn its place on our list.


  • Optimal Keto BHB Blend
  • BioAvailability Booster Blend

The Beta-Hydroxybutyrate in this product comes from three of the four main sources of BHB: calcium, magnesium, and sodium.   The BioAvailability booster does contain Bioperine, which helps your body to absorb the other nutrients, but it also has trace amounts of 72 vitamins and minerals.  With so many added ingredients, it may water down the overall effect of this supplement.


One serving size of this powder is one scoop.  Unfortunately, we were not able to find how much water you should mix with this supplement or times of day that you should have your drink. Overall, the directions for this product are lacking quite a bit.


Each container comes with 16 scoops of powder and costs $49.99.  This brings the per drink cost to over $3, which is one of the highest prices we have seen for similar products.  Also, there are no available discounts for this product, which means the price will always remain that high.

Possible Side Effects

There are no stated warnings on the manufacturer’s website.  From our research and other products we have seen, we know that all ketone products like this have even basic warnings, like that it should only be used for people over the age of 18 who are not pregnant or nursing.  It worries us that there is no such warning for this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Ketocredible does offer a full money back guarantee.  You just need to get in touch with the customer service, and they will help you start the refund process.  It is not stated, however, if there is a time limit on returns, which could cause confusion if you do not start the refund process in a timely manner.

Ketocredible Keto Boost Review – The Bottom Line

We found many reasons to put Ketocredible Keto Boost in our top 10 list.  The formula includes three out of the four sources of BHB as well as Bioperine for added absorption.  Also, the company offers a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Even with the positives, we did still find a few reasons that kept this supplement out of our top spot.  The product information seemed to be lacking quite a bit. There were no listed dosing directions, and the warnings we typically see with Ketogenic products like this were also missing.  Lastly, there seemed to be so many ingredients in this product that could actually cause the effectiveness to decrease slightly. For these reasons, we were unable to put this supplement higher on our list.

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