What is Key Nutrients Key Keto?

This review of Key Nutrients Key Keto will deliver detailed information on this product and its ability to meet claims. Key Nutrients claims that this product will aid in fat burning, boost energy levels and improve focus. They argue that their product is tastier, more effective and more affordable than competitor products. This product is intended to efficiently provide instant ketosis and lasting energy.


  • BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) – 11.1g
  • Calcium – 575mg
  • Magnesium – 310mg
  • Sodium – 680mg

While this product contains a number of key ingredients found in similar products on the market, the quantities of these ingredients are significantly lower than competitors. The average BHB level found in an exogenous ketone supplement is 14g and calcium is often above 1000mg. An upside to this product is that it does not include additives.


The manufacturer provides detailed information on how to use this product for optimal results. Suggested use is 1 scoop mixed with 14 ounces of water. The manufacturer recommends that first time users begin with ½ scoop and gradually increase dosage to assess tolerance. This product should be used 1 – 3 times daily for best results.


A tub of 20 servings can be purchased from Key Nutrients online store for $49.94. The manufacturer does not offer any discounts or special deals on this product which limits the purchasing options available to you. Considering the recommended dosage, this product may last less than a month. A regular purchase would be required to maintain results and therefore the long-term use of this product is significantly more expensive than several alternatives.

Possible Side Effects

It is advised that a health practitioner is consulted before consuming this product. While the manufacturer does not note any significant side effects, they are honest about the fact that exogenous ketone supplements are not very tasty, to begin with. Consumers should be aware of the fact that this product suppresses appetites and therefore, ensure that they are willing to accommodate this side effect.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer offers a 60-day happiness guarantee. This indicates their confidence in the product’s ability to provide desired results. That being said, there is no clear stipulation regarding their return policy. Consumers cannot be certain of how easy this return process is. Many customer reviews fail to note the impact of this product in producing desired results and therefore we cannot be sure of its efficacy.

Key Nutrients Key Keto Review – The Bottom Line

Key Keto provides a sufficient dose of BHB that promotes ketosis and encourages fat burning capacity. The company offers a 60-day happiness guarantee on this product. While this does bode well for its efficacy, the lack of clear stipulation regarding the return policy leads us to believe that the product may not be as effective as intended. While the company claims to offer the most affordable ketone supplement, this is disproven when the product is compared to competitor products. This product is extremely expensive considering the low amount of servings per tub. These are a few reasons why we cannot recommend this supplement and suggest seeking an alternative product.

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