What is Life Extension 7-Keto Metabolite?

Deserving of a place in our top 10 list, Life Extension 7-Keto Metabolite helps to speed up weight loss in a healthy way.  By promoting your body to safely go through thermogenesis, your body will be able to lose more pounds from fat which will help you build a healthy, lean muscle mass.  This supplement also has a variety of antioxidants to help stop stress from oxidation. Also, this non-GMO supplement comes in a 100% vegetarian policy.


  • Vitamin C
  • Bio-Curcumin
  • Green tea decaffeinated extract
  • Japanese knotweed and whole red grape extract

While 7-Keto is a clinically tested ingredient proven to help people lose weight, it is only listed as the second ingredient in this formula, which usually means there is less of it.  Also, with so many added ingredients, it concerns us as to how effective this supplement will be.


One capsule should be taken upon waking up for the day and another on an empty stomach before you eat lunch.  As always, you should consult with your healthcare physician before starting any new dietary supplement.


Each bottle of this supplement contains 60 capsules.  The manufacturer’s suggested retail price per bottle is $40. Right now, the company is having a sale on its website, and therefore bottles cost only $22.  If you decide to subscribe to the auto-shipment program, you will only pay $27 per bottle plus receive free shipping.  Auto-shipment programs concern us, as they give the company permission to save your credit card information and can be extremely difficult to cancel.

Possible Side Effects

It is extremely important to keep this product out of the reach of children.  Also, this supplement should not be used by pregnant or nursing women. You should never exceed taking the recommended daily dose of this product.  It is also imperative to consult your physician if you currently have, have had, or have a family history of breast or prostate cancer as this supplement could raise your risk of certain cancers.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Life extension accepts returns of its products for up to 12 months past the purchase date.  This is a very liberal return policy. Unfortunately, they only offer to exchange an item or offer a credit to your account, which sounds like they will give you store credit when you may not be interested in trying a different product from the same company.

Life Extension 7-Keto Metabolite Review – The Bottom Line

There are many reasons Life Extension 7-Keto Metabolite landed in our top 10 list.  These capsules are non-GMO and vegetarian. They also contain 7-Keto which is a research-proven weight loss ingredient.  Also, with all of the discounts offered by the manufacturer, this is a cheaper option than other ketogenic products.

However, there are a few things that concerned us about this product.  First of all, there are quite a few added ingredients that could lower the effectiveness of the 7-Keto.  Also, the best discounts are only offered if you subscribe to an auto-shipment program, which could end up causing you more money.  Lastly, the manufacturer’s commitment is slightly vague, in that it seems the company will only offer you a product exchange or store credit should you find yourself dissatisfied with this product.  For these reasons, we were not able to put this supplement higher on our list.

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