What is Sunergetic Keto Complex?

Today we review Keto Complex to find out if it can give consumers results. That is the reason for us sharing all the facts of the product. We will conclude the review with our findings. The manufacturer produced the product to boost your energy and improve your performance. The product should help you to enter ketosis. It does not contain any artificial preservatives.


  • Fat.
  • Carbohydrates.
  • Sodium.
  • Magnesium.
  • Calcium.

These ingredients are known to help you boost your energy, improve performance and enter ketosis. The inactive ingredients in the product are Stevia Leaf Extract, Natural Flavor and Citric Acid.


Women who are pregnant or nursing, as well as individuals who have a medical condition, need to speak to a doctor before using the product. The manufacturer recommended that you mix one scoop with a 10-ounce glass of water and stir vigorously. The product can be consumed with or without food. You can use the product up to 3 times daily.


Each container will provide 15 servings. You can purchase it online from the manufacturer’s website for $38.95. The manufacturer had reduced the price, and the shipping cost is included in the purchase price.

Possible Side Effects

When we checked the customer testimonials, we found customers who experienced side effects. The customers stated that the product made them nauseated, which resulted in vomiting.

Manufacturer’s Claim

The product comes with a guarantee. For whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it to claim a refund. When you send the product back, you will have to pay for the courier costs for it to reach the manufacturer.

Keto Complex Review – The Bottom Line

We are glad we examined the product since it pointed out some things about the product that consumers will be interested to discover. The product was made to boost your energy and improve your performance. The product should help you to enter ketosis. It does not contain any artificial preservatives. We also discovered several flaws in the product that should raise red flags in the consumer’s mind. The manufacturer mentioned that consumers could take the product 3 times daily but had not stipulated the times of day it should be consumed to avoid side effects and get the best results. We get consumer feedback to see what customers have to say about the product. We were disappointed to find out that some customers felt that the product did not produce the results they needed. They stated that the product did not help them to enter ketosis or boost their energy. Moreover, some customers experienced side effects such as nausea that resulted in vomiting. The manufacturer had included a guarantee for the product; however, consumers who wish to claim a refund need to pay for the courier fees to return the product. After considering all the aspects, we conclude that consumers will be putting their money on the line when they purchase the product and will incur further costs if they claim a refund.

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